International Conference


Date: March 13 – 14 of 2020
Location: The Premier Hotel Lybid
Address: 1, Peremohy Square, city of Kyiv, Ukraine

The Institute of Garlic Farming ™ together with the Institute of Vegetables and Melons of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, the Lviv National Agrarian University, the Institute of Potatoes of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine invite to the following Eurasian conference "Garlic Farming as a Business" during which will be discussed the following important questions of garlic farming:

Stable sales of garlic with a profit.

We will deeply reveal the quality criteria that the salable garlic should poses in order to be exported and sold in internal market. The distribution is the main “powerhouse” of a business whose development is not possible without profit.

Therefore, the conference begins with the discussion of this block. Exporters of Ukrainian garlic to Europe will reveal the topic about the market outlets and finished garlic products that are in need on the market.

Communication with the participants of the garlic market to enhance the ability to establish a long- term intention to cooperate.

Garlic planting technology and methods for their implementation from world leaders.

We will demonstrate the competitive advantages of modern technologies. Mr. Beom Jin Kim the director and the owner of KANG NONG company (South Korea) will bring up to speed on the Asian technologies. These technologies have been recognized as innovative for the developed garlic farming in the Asian region as it is evidenced by awards and diplomas.

The European leader, whose equipment is used around the world, is represented by the Spanish company "JJ Broch" in the person of the regional manager in Ukraine - Mrs. Natalia Fedotenko. Here rather than elsewhere is represented the largest range of equipment for the technologies of garlic planting, which has been successfully tested by the time and the climatic conditions of different continents.

So, there are various manufacturers of technology equipment, and there is the “JJ Broch”.

Seed technologies in garlic farming.

We will discover the technology of reproduction of garlic. We will get acquainted with the microclonal system of purification from the viruses and reproduction. Will understand what are the varietal categories of garlic planting material. We will see the possibilities of clonal selection for maintaining the varietal qualities of garlic. How to reduce mistakes when choosing a variety and planting material?

These problems will be reported by the Professor of Plant Physiology from Israel - Rina Kamenetsky, and the Professor Zenovii Sych, who is engaged in the selection, reproduction and study of biological characteristics of Ukrainian varieties of garlic.

Franchise in garlic farming.

We will discover the possibilities of "acquiring an ongoing business", and from today we will start to plant and sell not only the marketable garlic, but also a high-quality certified planting material.

It is necessary to achieve competitive advantages in the sale of finished goods and to obtain additional opportunities in attracting investment capital.

Garlic storage technologies.

We will consider the requirements for the long-term storage of marketable garlic with maximum preservation of its quality properties. The introduction of modern technologies makes it possible to increase the term and margin from the sale of garlic.

Andriy Marushchak from the “Tolsma” company that develops and implements storage projects will discuss the topic of garlic storage. The dozens of projects implemented in Europe and Ukraine demonstrate its high efficiency.

Digital technologies for efficient agrobusiness.

We will see the modern tools that can be effectively used for garlic planting. The Agroonline Project Director Mr. Borovik Victor will bring up to speed on such digital IT.

Investments and investors.

We will discuss the basic work principles of the investment funds and strategic investors. If you are interested in the rapid agrobusiness growth and the increase in capacity by attracting long-term additional funds, then this conference topic is for you.



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Why is it important to take an active part in the conference:

  • You will understand what qualitative criteria a commercial garlic must match. We will explain what system processes should occur in the economy.
  • You will see the garlic planting technologies that transform garlic planting into a business and can compete with other manufacturers. We will show you how to build a system-based business with competitive advantages.
  • You will learn to distinguish seed grain by variety and quality criteria. We will acquaint you with the categories of varietal seed material and systematic methods of its reproduction and healing.
  • You will get to know about the possibilities of planting and selling of the certified seeds. We will spell out details how the franchise works in garlic farming.

This conference is for you if you are:

The OWNER and you want to start to plant garlic or increase the profits from its sale.

The MANAGER and you plan to regulate, systematize the production processes of garlic planting and prepare it for the implementation in order to increase the yield of marketable garlic and profit.

The AGRONOMIST and you are involved in the development and implementation of technological maps and have the need to confirm the "correctness" of your actions.


If you pay for the conference  the cost per participant is:

  • When ordering one ticket - € 125;



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